Kintsukuroi… Better off Broken

Kintsukuroi...Better off broken

When I saw Akua Mansa’s ceramic bowl broken by yours truly, Kintsukuroi didn’t come to mind. I didn’t think of anything than to get rid of it cos I knew I would be pounded for my disobedience; for she (my mum) had asked me not to touch it. Oh, how I wished I knew about Kintsukuroi. Let me tell you why.

The Art of Kintsukuroi

The story is told of an ancient Japanese emperor who lived in Eden. During his reign, early springs were normally marked as a season for royal visits; royalties exchanged gifts, showed off their princes, princesses, choicest possessions and held banquets.

One particular spring, he was exceptionally happy. Apart from the investiture of his son as the crown prince of the empire, he was excited at the opportunity to show off his beautiful bowl. His skilled craftsman had it made from some of the finest materials.

With just a few days to go, the emperor went to his cabinet only to discover that his beautiful bowl was broken into a hundred pieces. “Who could have done this”, he soliloquized.

He retired to his private chamber with his son and they had a long talk into the night; he shared his sorrows with his beloved soon-to-be crown prince.

Later on, his son disguised himself, broke into the cabinet of treasures stole the diadem meant for his investiture, the pieces of the broken bowl and bolted. He locked himself up in his chamber the rest of the time. Guards and members of the emperor’s privy council upon hearing loss of the diadem and the remains of the bowl reached out to the emperor to inform him but he was unperturbed and wouldn’t allow anyone into his presence. Meanwhile, his son’s apartment had smoke leaking through its doors, but no one could go close without the permission of the emperor.

With just a day to go, it was uncertain what to expect as the guests were due to arrive with so many expectations and the king and his son did nothing about the situation.

The Miracle

By the morning, the broken bowl was back in its place, whole and glittering with veins of gold all around it. The prince’s diadem was back too but slimmer and simpler. They both looked more glorious full of strength and authority.

Since then the practice of repairing broken ceramic wares ‘Kintsukuroi’s way has not only transcended generations but has also been attributed to him hence the name ‘Kintsukuroi’.

Back to Akua Mansa’s broken ceramic bowl

So now imagine, just imagine I knew this art. Oh boy, I certainly would have told my mama the lie of the century about how I had being taught something in my calabash art class and wanted to try it with her ceramic bowls. Not only would that have gotten me access to her most treasured kitchen wares but would have earned me some mama points at least – wink.

The Lessons

Scripture says: The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart the Lord will not despise. We came to God broken, wounded and in so much distress because of our sinful life. Then God picked us up, cleaned and repaired our broken hearts and souls (through faith in Jesus Christ).

We couldn’t have given any sacrifice for our sins than to be broken, humbled in spirit and repentant at heart. In his infinite wisdom, he fixed our brokenness, not only that but gave us a new life, one that is far rewarding and satisfactory with an eternal purpose and reward. It’s wonderful what God can do with a broken life if we give him all the pieces. At this level, there is a guarantee of been more beautiful for having been broken.

For effects let me attempt to define or describe a state of brokenness. Brokenness can be an acceptance of one’s imperfections, guilt and so cry out for mercy. It can also be the disposition of a person such that all that matters is salvation from the powers that be. Biblically, Nathan’s speech during his visit to David after he murdered Uriah led David to a state of total brokenness.

Enough of the evasion, enough of playing hard, enough of giving up and allowing the devil to destroy what is left. He beckons on you! Your hurt, pain, betrayal and issues of life can only lead to a state of brokenness as you walk closely with God. Your desire to walk in accordance with God’s will lead you to a state of genuine brokenness.

SO? So don’t be ashamed of your imperfections and hard times before God. Lift your hands up like a child asking to be carried. On his shoulders cry out, pour your heart out and boldly ask for healing. I can guarantee you a beautifully mended ‘You’. Don’t let the issues of life eat you up and destroy that lovely smile of yours.

Is that what he wants? YES!. He wants to see you whole, beautiful and thoroughly furnished for every good work. Just like every potter, this potter wants to put back together, back on his shelf but with a price tag, only the blood of the man crucified on the cross can afford.


Post by Nana Yaw Nhyira Butah


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