Testimony Time: My One-Eyed Bottle



I just felt today is the right time to share a testimony. Call it my one-eyed bottle experience.

Sometime in 2011 after Senior High School (SHS), my mates moved on to university (uni) but I couldn’t initially cos of the D7 in Core Maths. I got links to enter uni that same year but I said no to all the top people in the educational system who had made that way for me.

Depression set in…

You know that thing where everybody is enquiring where you are and once u say you’re not yet there, those “friends” move on; yeah, that was my thread of life.

I thought & tried about five suicide moves.

For every single one, either my parents appeared out of the blue or some friends call to talk to me saaa basically about old times.

One Month After I Entered Uni

That phase passed and I got into school, two years after my batch.

Out of nowhere, my spine failed me one night. This happened the first semester of my first year, exactly a month after admission.

I simply couldn’t move. I was rushed to the hospital the next day and diagnosed with Spondylitis.

Lectures became a dream. The hospital was my reality. I got put on drugs and could barely do anything on my own. I survived the entire semester though.

The illness was under control till level 400 first semester when it showed up again. We all were caught off guard. My immune system wasn’t responding to the drugs I knew anymore.

I was moving from one hospital to the other, missing lectures most of the time. Finally, one hospital referred me to Focos Orthopaedic Hospital. There, neurosurgeons & chiropractors who saw my X-Ray said they couldn’t believe I was even able to walk. In order to be convinced I really had what the X-Ray was showing, the doctors recommended I did a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The Laboratory Technician who handled me in the MRI room’s first question was “My dear, how have you survived all this cos you’re practically not supposed to move.”

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Specialist matter

When I met the neurosurgeons & chiropractors again, they looked at each other and said “You are a walking miracle. Hold fast unto your faith.” Their diagnosis was Lumbar Spondylitis.

I was put on Physiotherapy which I am on till date and given hard drugs to relieve my pain. Yeah, hard drugs like Celebrex & Tramadol which I keep rotating when I realise the other is not working.

I was put on lumbar rolls for my sitting & sleeping postures. Oh, and I also had a belt on to help me stand or walk.

I sailed through my final year cos God sent Divine Helpers my way, including lecturers.

Graduation day came for my batch & I wasn’t part.

Another blow. Courses I was told I could graduate without resitting in level 200, I was to take them in order to graduate.

So once again, tears poured out & another batch left me.

National Service was already in progress and life was back in full swing. I resat those papers and passed. Only God knows what it took cos I definitely know it was never me at work.

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My testimony At the National Service phase

Three months before service ended, I was called by the CEO of my company.

“What are your plans after service & how is the weather treating you & the spine?” he questioned straight to the point.

And yes, I was caught off guard but I answered anyway.

Two months for service to end, HR called me in for a talk. That same week, key Directors and some Heads of Department spoke to me.

To cut the long story short, I got employed without a certificate. Such a grand testimony.

Although I’m on drugs and physiotherapy as soon as the weather changes or I feel the slightest pain, I still move, dance and shake my body like nobody’s business. I know you’ll be wondering why I have decided to write this out today. It’s cos:

1) Sometimes, you may wonder why you go through trials. Take His Hand & watch Him work.

2) Habakkuk 2:3 – “… Though it tarries, wait for it…”

3) For promotion cometh not from the East or West…

4)But those who know their God shall be strong & do exploits.

5)The Lord who rejuvenates will elevate you, give you accelerated promotions and sustain you.

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The mere fact that you haven’t had your breakthrough doesn’t mean He’s not working.

Remember, the race is not for the swift. Stand fast in His Liberty.

He’s not done with you yet. In fact, He’s not even lifted a strand of your hair yet; be patient. He is working for your good?

Not all stories are told but in time BUT we shall tell the bigger story.

You’ve got barely two months before 2018 shuts her eyes, Believe in Him. Let your faith walk and work you dream.


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