Dear Hard Girl, This Chacha We Are Playing…

Dear Hard Girl...This Chacha We Are Playing

As a hard girl managing a wedding which will happen a month away, I am not sure what to feel. I love my friend and I want the best for her. But as her maid of honour, I will  be her ‘aide-de-camp’ at her wedding, I will be looking in the eyes of the one I played ‘chacha’ with, without his knowledge.

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How It All Started

Let’s reverse to how my hard girl, hard girl began and where it landed me.

I sat at my favourite food joint, having Fante Kenkey accompanied with some crispy cassava fish that laid by the hot black shito. As I scrolled through my phone with my left hand whilst getting busy with the right in my food, I took a break to raise my head and boom!, a gentleman staring from the other side.

He had this white teeth smile and for a while I imagined that he was oblivious of the fact that he was staring at me.

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Well, I continued with my food. After some few minutes, I raised my head and I was very sure that I was being stared at. I awkwardly reacted with a grin on my face.

Just when I thought it was all over, here he was, slithering around my table. Sitting next to me, he said: “I like the way you eat”. I sat there thinking to myself how different his approach to wooing me was.

“Thank you”, I replied.

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Opana Shot His Shot

“Well, I want to sit here and watch you eat”, he stated. It was going to be very uncomfortable eating and having someone else watching you eat. A total stranger!

‘The only way I will leave is if I had your number”, he added.

Wow! Now that was one funny way of taking a lady’s number. My lunch time was almost up and I didn’t have that energy to have a back and forth with him. It seemed the only solution was to provide my number.

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Before long, we were chatting, laughing and calling each other. But it seemed I was cheapening myself for him, or so I thought.

So the chats became shorter, the calls stopped and there was nothing funny to laugh about. I had devised a plan to make it difficult to win me over. I wouldn’t pick his calls, blueticked most of his messages and most of the time, I did not return his calls. He had to earn me.

How I Finally Lost Him

I began to talk about my friend he had seen me walk with the second time we met. I spoke about how my friend was the best thing he could ever have in his life. But he still wanted me. He didn’t even want to hear her name.

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“Let’s do first things first”, he would say, referring to me.

Of course, I was persistent until one day he asked for her number.

He would call her and ask how she was doing, where she lived and talk about how he planned on visiting her.

That hurt! He never for once asked to visit me. At first thought, I believed he wanted to make me jealous but as days turned weeks and weeks turned months, I realized he was into my friend.

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I got extremely jealous and it kept haunting me that all I wanted to be was a ‘hard girl’.

Fast forward, with hard girl, hard girl, I lost the man who could have been my Mr. Perfect. My ladies, if you meet a guy who checks everything off your “Mr. Perfect list”, don’t do him long else, he would be gone before you know it.

Post by Alberta Dorcas N. D. Armah

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