Church Girl Versus Drunk Area Guy


Wasting Souls- The drunk guy in my neighborhood

So, there is this area guy who is a pal of mine; a very nice young man but anytime I see him, he looks drunk and very unkempt. Well, the first day he met me, he said to me “I like you and I want to be your friend”.

I said to him, “why not?”; because I believe he’s also “a person” plus I saw him as a great guy even though I thought he was trying to mess up his life.

When my dad visited me last year, my ‘neighborhood pal’ became friends with him through football matters. One day, he boldly told my dad that he liked me and wanted to marry me come what may.

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I know I can never marry a heavy drinker, not to talk of a smoker (no disrespect to anyone who drinks and smokes). I was hundred percent sure my dad, would never think of giving his beautiful first daughter to this young man (in his current state); well, my dad in his usual nature laughed and told my friend “okay, I’ve heard you.”

Dumsor Night

Last Tuesday night, at about 10pm, our lights went out (Dumsor visited my area); I could not stand the heat so I came outside for some fresh air. As I strolled on the street close to my house, guess who I saw; my neighborhood friend nu, as usual; he was heavily drunk and could hardly walk.

I asked him: “I see you keep, why you travelled?

He replied “no”, as he drew closer to me. Then he asked, “what drink do you care for?”

He said, “You, I told you I want to marry you, mmmm, will you?”

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I have always had the intention of taking him to church; plus, I believe it doesn’t cost a thing to be nice to people, no matter how useless they might look. I responded “yes, why not? But you must follow me to church first”.

He objected to the idea and I insisted that if he wanted me, then he had to follow me to church.

“You are a worshiper of God but I worship the gods”

I told him then the marriage between the two of us would not work. I explained to him how my prayers would always destroy the power of his gods, and there won’t be peace in the marriage.

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“But I still want to marry you”, he said.

I asked, “Can you limit the alcohol a bit?”.

He said a big NO!

Surprisingly , my neighborhood friend decided to ask for a hug from me; I said in my mind, “matter come”; I took a second look at the very drunk young man standing before me; how dirty his cloths were and the smell of alcohol and cigerate; apparently, he smokes cigarette and weed.

I took one step backwards and said myself “how can I hug this “unkempt drunk guy”?

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I intentionally decided to play smart by changing the subject to church matters again; for the first time he asked where my church was. After I told him, he said “okay”. I decided not to push further; to me, an “okay” from him was enough for the night because I knew I would meet him again.

I said something he found interesting so he burst into uncontrollable laughter, I was amused seeing him laughing and feeling happy. In his excitement, he got closer and put his arm around my neck; my first thought was to push him away but a second thought prevented me from doing so. I had no option than to inhale the smoke plus the smell of alcohol for the few minutes he got closer.

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Afterwards, he said to me, “hey, I didn’t know you are such a nice lady like this oo. I thought you would push me away, hmm look at you, and see how I look?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, you don’t look bad (I lied); my problem is your excessive drinking of alcohol; can you limit it?” (I was careful not to mention the smoking part).

He replied “okay, I will try, Charlie, excuse me I will be back” and he left.

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A few minutes later, I saw him pass by with another bottle in hand. He called out to me, “Charlie I will be back okay”.

I replied “okay”, knowing he wasn’t coming back and I knew I won’t see him in a long while.

I cried within myself, and prayed a silent prayer for him. He’s a young man, well educated, speaks impeccable English, but I can’t think far why he seem to be destroying and wasting his life with alcohol, weed and drugs.

Is he useless? NO!

Can God change him? YES!


One thing I’m very sure about is that I will make the story of this young man a personal project for the year, I will speak to him anytime I meet him and leave the rest to God.


There are many of such young men wasting their lives in our societies, wasting their lives away with excessive alcohol, drugs etc and to me, it’s a sad distin.

I stood at where I met the drunk young man for some time, pondering over what transpired between us; I asked myself if the Church had failed in its duty to help shape lives and correct the moral fiber in the society.

How about our brethren from Islam? Have they also failed in this regard?

Come to think of it, are parents of today not being responsible enough? Have they neglected their responsibility of training their children in a way they should go so that when they grow up, they would not depart from it? (Proverbs 22:6)

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As I struggled to find answers to these questions, this popular hymn began to ring in my head:

“Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying” by Fanny Crosby. I wasn’t sure of the lyrics of this highly spiritual song, so I resorted to Google, I began to sing this song while I walked back home, and oh, the lights had returned.

When next I meet the young man, I’ll tell you more.

Post by Priscilla Enami Abena Jewel

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