Perfection in the Imperfections

Perfection in the Imperfections Daniel K. Selormey

Today’s piece touches a little on our imperfections and perfections and how we can work around them.

Every human being, with perfecttion or imperfections is moved by positive or negative thoughts. Before almost every major or minor decision we take in life, we think widely about the pros and cons. More often than not a lot of people are moved by their negative thoughts, myself included. We tend to push our creativity into thinking about all that could go wrong and not all the good things that could happen. If we have the ability to be certain something could go wrong then we ought to have the ability to believe something right as well could happen.

Ideally, the negative thoughts scare us and the positive ones give us the strength to take steps; unfortunately, fear in most cases overcome the inspiration to take action and that is the problem. We let the fear of attaining bad results overcome our confidence, the hope for positive results. This hence fuels imperfections.

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What then is fear?

Fear is that huge feeling of insecurity within you that keeps screaming all the bad things that could possibly happen. Fear is a byproduct of our imperfections and the uncertainty of what tomorrow has in stock for us.

How then do we overcome this feeling?

Accepting that no matter how hard we try we won’t be perfect is one important thing to do. If we were perfect, all our thoughts would be perfect, that way there would be no insecurities but that isn’t the case.

My understanding of fear is that it is not a red light in our lives, even if feels like a red light, rest assured, a green light will follow. Fear should be something that makes us pause, rethink or reconsider our decisions. Of course, we cannot do everything perfectly right but as much as possible we must work hard to do better.

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Trying and failing is better than not trying because when you try and fail you know not to do the same thing that made you fail. So, you are a step closer to success because you have figured out one way you can fail. And so, if you are meant to try 100 times to finally succeed, good news then, you have 99 more times to try new things before you succeed, it is one less option each time you try and fail. Perhaps you are meant to fail twice before you succeed the third time. Here you are contemplating quitting the second time you failed, oh no, not so soon, try again!  

Human beings are wired to play safe. What we don’t realize is that always playing safe doesn’t make us perfect in anyway but it makes us people who do not try anything. And until we try or take chances, we never know what could happen.

This conversation draws us closer to comfort zones, again, being in our comfort zones does not mean we are perfect but we are only not trying anything. Sometimes the plans we imagined would not work, works and the ones we have more confidence in fail, you never know until you try it. Isn’t that what they say? That is why you may come across people who may have succeeded in something saying I was just trying my luck because they lacked the certainty of anything positive coming out of their actions, they just tried. You can do same too, just try.  

Perfection Vibes

We are never going to be perfect, I assure you but sometimes our imperfections lead us to the perfect or right places, not the wrong ones. So, go ahead, take chances, fall and rise, learn lessons. What is life if we aren’t living it? You’ve had bad relationships and you want to give up, perhaps the next one will be the best, you will never know until you try. You’ve tried starting businesses that failed, perhaps the next will be successful, you will never know until you try. Is it an examination you failed? Give it another shot, perhaps this time round you will pass, you will never know until you try. You are experiencing bad moments in your life, you are fed up, you want to end it all. Who says tomorrow will not be different? You will never know until tomorrow comes, just wait and see.

My dear people, put on your best smiles, the best is yet to come.

Thank you.

Imperfection Post By Daniel K. Selormey

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