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Today’s write-up is a mix of small kokonsa and fact about songs we sing in church. You see, I’m a curious little lass. Hold on. Cancel ‘little’ and replace it with cute. O yeah; God didn’t joke when creating me at all. On one of my snooping missions, I chanced upon Jewish music. Wow! Why didn’t this thought come to mind earlier? I mean I’ve been reading the Bible since the 80s so how come I never looked for some ‘father Abraham’ music to listen to? As for understand de3 I wont understand shele mmom (anything). But at least it’s still music and I love music alright. I quickly searched for an earpiece and gbelee the volume.

After sometime:

Kw3, M3ni n3? Cut! Cut! Ah! I checked the title again it was Jewish music alright. I just couldn’t believe my ears. Nnwom ben nie (What kind of song is this)? Anyone who looked at me that moment could see disappointment written all over it. Fine, maybe only this one messop (messed up) for my ears inside.

I decided to listen to another one and see. Click! And the next song started playing. Stap! Stap!… In fact that one sounded like Chinese music with Hindi rhythm n Safafrica (South Africa) dancehall. It was no better. This must be a joke, right?

  • Is it not these same songs people in the Bible used to invoke God’s power over their enemies?
  • Ah wait oo… Uncle Joshua led the Israelites to walk around the Jericho wall for only seven days; all they did was sing. Were these the same songs that caused the wall to fall?
  • King David (who doubles as my bestie) too used songs like these to chase demons away. 1 Samuel 16:10-23
  • Hah! So most of the Psalms of King David might sound like this too right?
  • Paul and Silas were able to invite angelic beings with this kinda song and they got freed.

In fact I was perplexed and just couldn’t think far. For the music di?, me I stopped listening kwraa and moved my body somewhere. I was in deep thought.

My Expectation In Songs

The Bible recounts several instances where songs sang to God did mighty wonders. All I expected was some ‘shokiric’ (shock-packed) music bi to tease the soul. Or some beautiful melody bi that can make us ‘gyighaa’ on the first listen.

The Reality of The Songs We Sing

I was however disappointed in what I had just listened to—it wasn’t the language; no I don’t think so. Many of us sing songs in languages we do not understand yet we listen and love the rhythm. We sing songs from Safafrica, Naija, Côte d’voire and even that kwraa only few people understand the song. We sing it anyway because it is appealing to our ears.

What then is the mystery behind Biblical music la?



The Songs Mystery

I’ve heard countless number of people make mockery of singers who sing off key. Of course, God encourages us to bring our best to Him (Proverbs 3:9).

  • Does it matter how a person’s voice sounds if the recipient of the music is not even looking out for that?
  • Does it even occur to us that if the one singing touches the heart and attention of God, we may be penalized for mocking? (2 Samuel 6:20-23)

Friends, listen; we’ve got to be discreet about our actions in the presence of God because none of what is done there is done to please us anyway.

Come to think of it; I never read anywhere in the Bible that God complimented anyone for a great voice in song ministration. He rather talks of the hearts of those who sang to Him. He pays attention to contrite and broken spirits (Psalm 55:17, Isaiah 66:2). Not melody or ‘sweetness’ of voice. If the one we sing to in church is this same God, then we have to pause, reflect and reconsider.

  • For all you know, that ‘unpleasant’ voice or melody summons angels to work mightily in the supernatural.
  • Perhaps that awkward melody is breaking some ‘Jerichorian’ walls in the spirit. That not-so-fine song may be inducing angelic dance ministrations to the Lord, casting out and stopping demonic activities in the name of Jesus.
  • For all you know sweetheart, that song is the one that got God tapping His feet. It’s all about your heart.


Personally, Gospel hip-hop is my favorite genre of music. I love the rhythm and all. But what’s the use of the rhythm and jumping around if God is not in it? It ends up as useless to God as any secular song. And as I speak to your precious selves now, there may still be doubtful thoughts on your minds. Thoughts like ‘oo kwraa but some songs di?’, exactly! Those songs are just what I’m writing about. Those ones you may think are way below sea level in the Christians’ Guinness book of melodious records.

I realise king David’s songs to God were about his daily endeavors. No ‘hankyii’ lyrics biaa. King David’s songs encourages us to sing new songs to the Lord always. You wouldn’t need flamboyant words to do that! Just a sincere heart dedicated to God. Today, I encourage you brother, go on, sing to the Lord.

If you like to sing but get ridiculed because of the quality your voice, certainly, you can start to work on it. But by all means, until you attain some form of perfection, sing on. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can please God with songs just like king David did.

Let’s seek God sincerely with a contrite heart. Let’s not seek the approval of others before we do what we do for God. And whenever it comes to music, remember King David and his heart towards God.

Never forget, we are pleasing an audience of one.

Story by Jayne Quill. Jayne is a writer/blogger. A version of this article originally appeared on her blog.

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