My Take On Tomorrow’s District Assembly Election


Election year is here again.

Dear Honorable,

Four years ago, your constituents, including myself, endured long queues to elect you to represent us. Within five months, you amassed wealth, neglected campaign promises, and relocated. As for us, we just sat our somewhere, and went about our daily business.

I have seen your plethora of campaign posters littered all over people’s walls. From afar, the quality of the printing really caught my attention. No disrespect boss. How could you afford this glamorous poster with this small salary of yours. Small district level election and you’ve taken it world cup like that. This my big mouth!

Before I could finish feasting my eyes on the posters’ details, the stench from the neighbourhood gutter sacked me. The scent brought me to the reality that my community is not as rosy as your poster. I began reflecting on why you are contesting for re-election. Many of us seriously couldn’t find one reason why you are back in the race. I don’t know if I should be upset about your come back or surprised that you find us naïve.

I happen to be among the few who do not suffer from amnesia in this neighbourhood. Vividly, we recall the tactics you employed to win the hearts of many in the last elections. You were always eager to listen to people’s issues, sort out bills for students and sponsor area boys. You took part in common football tournaments and weekly clean-up exercise.



Congrats for constructing the long awaited gutters and street lights in the neighbourhood. We the electorates are very discerning. As lame as you think we are, we deciphered that you started these projects four weeks to election. Sorry, this little good you have started won’t overshadow the fallow periods wai.


I have seen your campaign banner on which you have listed projects you helped accomplish for the area. I want to thank you for lobbying on our behalf.

Pardon my ignorance sir. You mentioned building the school and introducing school feeding programme. The MP too mentioned the same achievement as being his. Abeg who should be give credit to now?

Kindly see below a photograph of the said banner:


elections in ghana

Please use your campaign platforms to address the thorny matter of who deserves the credit for all those projects.


From experience, you are not that favourite person any longer. Your fan base has dwindled and your campaign promises have failed the believability test. The little I have seen and heard of your immature competitors tells me the race will be interesting.

My tall-self is not queuing on the hot sun this trip.


Our elders say a wise man does not go chasing rats when his roof is on fire. Please stop wasting your money buying alcohol and expensive gifts for your followers. Don’t be fooled by their fake ‘fans’ as you campaign for the election. Those boys are only leading you on.

Whether you win this election or not, I suggest you concentrate on redeeming your image. This will do you a lot of good.

Before and after the election, my neighbourhood and district deserves better. Ghana deserves the best!

Humming Gasmilla’s Telemor. “Oyawo kakla yoo, afolobo tamor shito loo…….Telemor”


A Ghanaian Election Story

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