Neglected Liberian National Dies At Narh-Bita Hospital in Tema


A Liberian national has died on our in a Ghanaian hospital and I’m fuming. The Igbos say “whenever you see a toad running in broad daylight, know that it is either after something or something is after its life”. Today, the death of 54 year-old Liberian national, Moses Nagbe has smoked me out of my hideout, and hibernation. The Liberian national died after his employers, Global Marine Investment, abandoned him. He was flown to Ghana for specialist attention due to a workplace accident.

I am conscious of the fact that death will take us all away one day, some way and somehow. But sometimes, death’s call is accelerated by certain ‘avoidable variables’. Moses’ demise, for example, has awoken lots of questions—workplace insurance, family ties, etc. For your information, the deceased wasn’t a friend, family or a colleague. I only met him once in the male ward of Narh-Bita Hospital in Tema when I visited a friend’s dad on admission.

Moses, I’m told died in the early hours of Sunday, January 10, 2016 at the Narh Bita Hospital. He had been on admission since October 2015. Until his demise, Moses’ post-surgical care and daily upkeep was the responsibility of the hospital and the nurses. The nurses’ contributions put food on the table for patient and his nephew, Johnny Johnson.

Legalising freedom which are now abused is the reason I’m fuming. Two things annoy me now; no, in fact three.

1. Global Marine Investment’s (GMI) negligence
Moses was working in a Liberian port on August 31, 2015 when a log fell from a crane. His colleague was crushed to death, leaving him (Nagbe) with multiple spine injuries.

To access specialist attention which was not readily available in Liberia, Moses’ employers, GMI, flew him to Ghana. They made initial payment for the surgery and promised to provide for his upkeep while on admission.

As the Ga man will say “k3ba shi bian3” (till date), not a single pesewa was sent for the late Nagbe’s upkeep. All efforts to reach the company failed.

2. My disappointment at the Liberian Embassy

Bearing in mind how GMI mistreated Moses, many would have expected the Liberian Embassy to bring the company to book. If official duties couldn’t permit the ambassador to step out, at least empathy should have been enough push for her (the ambassador) to extend a warm embrace. But what did we see—indifference in the real sense of the word.

Despite the numerous phone calls and visits to the consulate by Mr. Nagbe’s nephew and officials of the hospital, the embassy showed no interest. Officials described the matter as a private affair. Sad!

Africans as we all are, you can be sure of the huge budget that will go with Moses’ funeral rite. I will be on the lookout for the huge cash and the funfair that will go into the burial. Hmmmmmmmm.


3. The fate of Moses’ nephew, Johnny Johnson
Breaking news. The nephew of the deceased is a 41 year-old man who deserted his family, profession to assist his uncle fight for his life in Ghana. Due to the constant attention Moses needed, Johnson couldn’t work to support their upkeep. The journey to Ghana left him jobless, homeless and more desperate for assistance.

Till date, I’m reliably informed Johnson still sleeps in the male ward of Narh Bita Hospital. To make matters worse, his return ticket to Liberia expired on January 9, a day before the uncle’s demise. What a world?

With no helper in sight, the grieving man is now thinking of how to find his way back to Liberia .


Final words From the Liberian Community

I wish to say a “big thank you” to the management and staff of Narh Bita Hospital for all the support. I even hear they deposited the body at the Tema General Hospital morgue.

Thumbs up to the team of volunteers who fed Moses and his nephew. To the team who broke the silence about Moses’ ordeal in Ghana, God bless you all.

Today of all days, I wish the ghost of Moses could torment certain people for all the mean things they have done. Ebufusem!

Rest in Perfect Peace Moses! May the good Lord keep thee, my Liberian friend.


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