Nsem Pii: Some Banking Distin In Ghana


Banking in Ghana, majority of the time, is nsem pii. Everywhere you turn, you see restrictions; if it’s not pens chained with ropes, it’s longer waiting hours, queues or dealing with a rude attendant.

My first day at a banking hall was a wonderful treat. I stopped at the entrance and the door opened obediently. Saana, ebe some machine dey control the door (chronicles of a villager). My wow experience at the door didn’t transcend to the hall and the staff in there. Because of what I am about to say, I can’t tell you the name of the bank.

Let’s hear the distin banking in Ghana has been reduced to.


Absurd Banking Request: Water bill, Light bill & Tenancy Agreement

I’m trying real hard to wrap my head around how water bill, light bill or a tenancy agreement qualifies one to start transactions with a bank.

Let me dramatize it for you to feel the effect. I have my own money and have brought it to a bank for safe keeping; what has ‘keep my money for me’ got to do with utility bill? SMH.

Indirectly, the guilty banks are telling homeless shoe shine boys, by-day workers, etc. that they don’t belong. It will surprise you to know that the guys we look down on have enough cash to save or invest. While mainstream banks are doing long, the susu box, micro finance (fake and genuine) and mobile money operators are holding these guys down. FYA, Mr Banker.

Let’s discuss some strategy. Can’t we have a system where one can open an account online?


Directions (Maps) To One’s Residence

I don’t understand why banks ask for directions to account holders’ house. From where I stand, I don’t see the purpose; I stand to be corrected though. I have painstakingly sketched directions to my house at three different banks when opening an account. The process of drawing that thing was tedious, especially because my house is corner corner.

Till date, no bank employee (all three) has come to look for me or verify if the details I gave checks out.

Let me try connecting the whole map thing to tracking customers who come for bank loans. With loan default cases on the rise, I can conclude the map requirement isn’t doing the trick. Who can be tracked in the Ghana where street addressing system is a huge matter? So dear bank employees, please don’t waste our time if you know you won’t need the information you’re requesting for.

Rather than putting impediments in the way of consumers, banks should just be flexible. There are lessons to be picked from MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Money and Tigo Cash. Truth is, customers don’t need to be registered on mobile money to access their cash: that’s what tokens are for. Let me pause here for now.


Cheque Book, And Paper Nsem Nsem

Dear relationship manager, client service manager or any person in charge of transactions at my bank. Personally, I’ve stopped using cheque books. Small money I want to withdraw too I have to carry a book. Five banks expect me to keep their cheque book on me at all times or risk going back home to get it. Too long.

If no one has told you, carrying these cheques is boring, burdensome. When you’re opening account, you’ll fill something. Sending money, you’ll fill paper and when you’re coming to withdraw too, you’ll have to fill some long paper. Ebei!

The insufficient pens kwraa is what kills me. Msteeeew.


Long queue and limited space in the Banking Hall

Dear Mr Banker, I can’t stand queue, limited chairs or lack of space forcing customers to stand outside. Ebei, even NSS registration kwraa is not this stressful.

What annoys me is those customers who think they are entitled to preferential treatment in the hall. They just walk in and want prompt service, as if we de3 we are spectators. Ebufusem!

Let me go back to what I was saying. Please o, cash withdrawal and deposits can now be done at the ATM (can’t speak for your bank though).  A very convenient move, I must say. This way, queues, the attitude from depressed tellers is eliminated. What a relief!

Also, Instant inter-bank transfers can now happen at the ATM wai. No wahala.

So those banks who’s ATMs are constantly faulty, check yourself fast. We don’t want any libilibi.


8 To 5 At The Banking Hall

Because of my busy schedule, I hardly come to the bank. This is a challenge for me as I can’t withdraw beyond a certain amount at the ATM. I don’t know how this can be solved but I really need solutions cos your Saturday banking kwraa is not cutting it.

Dear head of banking at Please don’t invest all your monies opening newer branches now and then. Use the available technology to make living stress-free. We beg.


Banking Mobile App

Shw3, this day and age, I don’t have to stress plenty sending money to someone at a different bank. Back then, I had to visit my bank to withdraw money then move to the recipient’s bank to deposit. Too long. Mobile apps are doing the trick and even more. DSTV, buying ECG recharge, paying for domestic flight and other sophisticated services can be done using on the mobile app.

Dear bank owner please take note of the following announcement. By 2025, there will be lesser branches and more digital banking.


  • If your bank doesn’t have an app raise your hands?
  • If your bank’s app is dormant, abeg raise your hand?


Licensed Banks In Ghana (August 30, 2017)

  • Access Bank (Ghana) Limited

  • ADB Bank Limited

  • ARB Apex Bank Ltd

  • Bank of Africa Ghana Ltd

  • Bank of Baroda (Ghana) Limited

  • Banque Sahélo – Saharienne pour I’Investissement et le Commerce (BSIC Ghana Limited)

  • Barclays Bank of Ghana Ltd

  • CAL Bank Limited

  • Ecobank Ghana Limited

  • Energy Bank (Ghana) Ltd

  • FBNBank Ghana Ltd

  • Fidelity Bank Limited

  • First Atlantic Bank Ltd

  • First National Bank Ghana Ltd

  • GCB Bank Limited

  • GHL Bank Limited

  • GN Bank Limited

  • Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited

  • HFC Bank Ghana Ltd

  • Heritage Bank Limited

  • National Investment Bank Ltd

  • OmniBank Ghana Limited

  • Premium Bank Ltd

  • Prudential Bank Limited

  • Societe General Ghana Limited

  • Sovereign Bank Limited

  • Stanbic Bank Ghana Ltd

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Ghana) Limited

  • The Beige Bank Limited

  • The Construction Bank (Gh.) Limited

  • The Royal Bank Limited

  • uniBank Ghana Ltd

  • United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Ltd.

  • Universal Merchant Bank (Ghana) Ltd

  • Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited


Banking Conclusion

Mr Bank Manager of so and so bank, please stop the colo things and shine your eyes fast.

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