You Simply Stopped Going To Church… Saaaa


This piece is a rebuttal to Kwame Boakye Yiadom’s post “I Simply Stopped Going To Church”.

Hello Kwame,

Isn’t it sad what they did to you? The body of Christ is a place we Christians are supposed to call a safe haven; a sanctuary! I wonder why they do all that and condone other behaviours that are not Christ-like.

You see, I’ve been in your shoes before so I know exactly how you feel.


My Own Church Experience

Some years back, I went to church with a half-bag of sachet water. The water was meant for the Sunday school service. I got to the auditorium tired and all sweaty. Fact is, I had walked for about thirty minutes and the water was no small load. I was just in a hurry to put the water down and rest upon arrival before the service began. Immediately I got there, I politely greeted two women leaders in the church who had their backs turned towards me. Can you believe these women called me and dissed me severely? My sin? I had greeted them with their backs turned towards me. I was speechless. They had no idea what I had been through that morning. That notwithstanding, I believe there were proper ways of addressing issues like that.

As Christians and women leaders, I didn’t expect them to attack whoever offends them. What happened to correcting in love? For me di? I was sad that day mmom. I think I cried. They were both harsh and ruthless. If I had it my own way I wouldn’t ever greet anyone again.

Kwame, my true story here may be just a tip of the iceberg in comparison to ordeals people have gone. People change denominations just because of things like this. Others, like you, have stopped going to church altogether because of such offenses. They find solace in other secular places.

For those who switch churches, well, I hope they do not move from frying pan to fire. But for others like you, who have decided to quit church for good nu, my question is, should people be our yardstick for church attendance? Carefully think about it.

Stay Put

The body of Christ has never been perfect. It’s nowhere near it. God’s working on presenting the body of Christ as a spotless bride to Christ. He’s working on the church to perfection (Revelations 19:7 -8, 21:2; 9-11).

Since the church began, there has been many flaws in it. Gossip, malice, backbiting, ingratitude, you name it! But that should not prevent us from staying in the church. Remember your reason for going to the body of Christ in the first place – Jesus, right? Yeah, your soul matters to God more.

  • The church serves as a guide to us in our Christian walk.
  • It serves as a covering for the flock-us! Like glowing coals in a coal pot, when one coal escapes, it easily dies out. But when it remains with the others, they glow together and kindle others to produce heat too.
  • The body is there to help us grow or to build our faith constantly as we walk with God.

Change Church If You Must

Instead, change to another Bible believing church that exhibit the fruit of the spirit. I won’t encourage you to do that often though as you might probably end up with some fakes.

Trust me, you deserve to be pampered because you are a royal of the heavenly kingdom. A true child of God the King who deserves the very best.


Let’s Not Be Like Those Who Repay Evil For Evil

Dear Kwame, you and I, who have been mistreated, shouldn’t repeat bad Christian examples. Let’s not be like them. Rather, let’s show them that courtesy, that love, that tolerance they refuse to exhibit. Let’s do all that and more in the name of God. As we make God’s house a better place for others; some will definitely learn from our examples. God will bless us too. And we do need lots of blessings don’t we?

For the pub distin di?, well, it seems nice, cozy and inviting. But once you leave the church, the devil will gladly do anything to embrace you  (Matthew 7:13).

The kiddie wey dey play for the church inside nu, eno get silent or vibrate button like our phones. Abi you catch the flow?

For all those who feel wronged by the church, forgive. Hope to see you in church tomorrow, Sunday!

A Church Post by Jayne Quill

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