The New Normal And The Future of Work


A pandemic snuck up on our way of life and caught us pants down. Our way of life has changed dramatically and the catch phrase of the year, ‘The New Normal’, will soon be found on coffee mugs worldwide.

“Someone needs to be on mute”

“Sorry I had to restart my internet router”

“Can everyone see my screen”

These and more statements have become more popular in the past few months for reasons known to us all.

So, for us in the corporate world, what is this new normal?

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What is the future we can expect?

More Zoom calls, masked interactions, and working from home? The future of work is not about the new modes of communication or underwear during meetings. The future of work simply begins with accepting that there is no longer ‘Business as Usual’.

Do we have a choice?

We were just getting comfortable in an era where every industry was being disrupted and now, we have been asked by the universe to disrupt our disruptions. The future of work is not one single-minded gospel that everyone can subscribe to and apply in their lives or businesses. It is a unique experience or transformation that everyone has to go through. If your business or income has taken a downturn as a result of this pandemic, then it is time you start thinking about your future of work.

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Not many companies had policies on what to do during a pandemic or a lockdown, but we all have had to learn and make changes quickly. The future of work is smart and adaptable. It is direct and exact, WYSIWIG.

The future of work is convenient and all of these descriptions have to go both ways, for the business as well as the consumer.

Regardless of what industry you find yourself, take note of the subtle changes for these are the indicators of either growth or decay. Be poised to take advantage of any disruption in your business and use it to impact lives.

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By Kwabena Oppon- Kusi

Creative Strategist

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