Father’s Day Celebration Is Totally Unnecessary

Father's day

Father’s Day is here again and just a handful of people are talking about it. At this part of the world where I live, people have gone totally silent and it’s not even funny. Don’t you dare blame it on the World Cup (Russia 2018)?

Shame on all of us…

Truth be told, Father’s Day is poorly marketed and celebrated. So let’s discuss the funny realities about why men aren’t celebrated like they should be.

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First and foremost, women and men are very different and unique in so many ways.

It is biologically impossible for fathers to carry babies in the womb; fathers do not, and cannot breastfeed but mothers can. I am very sure fathers would play the mother role better if there was a switch in the role.

Societal forces have succeeded in making the fatherly figure a scarecrow. For example, some mothers would postpone a punishment which is supposed to be executed instantly just because the father isn’t home; a mother will go like, “you wait, your father will come and meet you”. And as ignorant as a father could be, he will beat the hell out of the child; all in the name of the head of the family.

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This child will grow up seeing his dad as “the Punisher” who lacks love and empathy. It’s amazing how the mother will be the one to console this child; this gesture will sum up the thought of the child.

Growing up, I heard the infamous story of a young man who went abroad, returned after years, bought a car for his mum and a towel for the dad. If it were a white towel, the Father could have consoled himself it symbolizes victory. I can point out many instances society had been unfair to men (fathers).

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Father’s Day Biases

There are so many single fathers out there. Yet, there is no compassion given to them (because they’re men). There are fathers who send their wards to school, pick them up, cook, change diapers. It’s sad how the world becomes silent about these achievements.

There are instances where a mother would dispose of her newborn baby anywhere; it could be in the toilet or a refuse dump. Others who are a bit lenient would drop the baby in front of an orphanage or a rich person’s house.

We only hear stories about how a man abandoned his kids. But hardly will we hear about mothers who have left their own children to render some men “single fathers”. I even wonder if the single father title is even acknowledged. Being a single father comes without pride because society thinks men are capable; even if the man is up to the task or not.

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As Father’s Day is here with us, single mothers would be celebrated because they step in the shoes of fathers. Whenever I see these, I just feel like throwing up because we have not made the attempt of celebrating fathers who step in the “heels” of mothers.

Society perceives that carrying a child in a womb for nine months is the big deal but they don’t know we carry this very child in our minds till delivery. Mothers are not alone in this situation. Fathers and mothers are in this together and at the end of the day mothers take all the credit; what a sad time to be a father?

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We appreciate you mothers, and we love what you do, how you take care of your children; we’ve given you enough accolades already; it’s about time fathers get some accolades too.

Celebrate us, as we celebrate you; don’t make us enemies before our children; we love them as much as you do. We may have flaws in showing them love openly but in our hearts, we love them to the bone.

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And this is the point where I say Fathers’ Day celebration isn’t necessary if it’s not given the amount of recognition it deserves.

Let’s celebrate fathers, because they really deserve it and it shouldn’t also be just on this day celebrate fathers every day, pictures were flooded on social media, I’m throwing a challenge to the world, to make being a father attractive.

I’ll leave you with this little observation…

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Did you know women celebrate four key events in a single year? Yes, four.

They mark Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day with all the fanfare you can imagine. Add the hijack Val’s Day in addition to their birthdays…. Hmmmmmmm.

So why are fathers treated this way? Think about it.


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Father's Day


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