Dear Feminists, The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You!

Dear Feminists, The World Doesn't Revolve Around You

Dear feminists, I think you should address us again with what you stand for. I hear you all say you’re fighting for equity and not equality; I’m rather confused right now because, there seem to be a daily addition to the things you want changed.

How it all started

It was great from start with getting equal treatment and pay in the workplace, women’s ability to own properties, the girl child being allowed to go to school, the right to initiate divorce proceedings, and a few others but now y’all pushing it too far!

I’ve never heard single fathers asking to be celebrated on Mother’s Day but on Father’s Day, all I see is feminists taking over with how single mothers have played fatherly roles. I’ve never seen an International Men’s Day celebration although it exists and is slated for November 19th. The International Women’s Day on the other hand, is more like an Independence Day celebration.

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I thought International Women’s Day is to celebrate the achievements of women but now it’s more like another day for feminists to champion their cause with themes like ‘Each for equal’ and ‘I choose to challenge’. Can we just celebrate women and their achievements on this one day set aside without talking about equality or equity or whatever it is y’all feminists want?

You asked for a chance to be heard as women, a whole 24-hour chance is given and you choose to spend that day doing the same thing you people do every day? Then how will we even see your progress? How will we see the things you’ve achieved?

Women are already in charge!

Among single parents, the vast majority (81%) are mothers and only 19% are fathers. Another study shows that 43% of boys are raised by single mothers and 78% of teachers are female. By this, it is fair to say that almost 50% of boys have 100% feminine influence while at home and almost 80% chance of 100% feminine influence at school.

Women have more than enough chance at making an impact in society and in a man’s life right from the baby stages so maybe feminists need to realize that masculinity is not the problem but lack of masculinity is. Instead of making it look like everything is always about men and women don’t have a say, maybe feminists (women) need to acknowledge the multitudinous chances they have at making a change before opting for the bigger platforms.

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Last I heard, feminists say they want to keep their ‘Miss’ title even after marriage because they see no reason why they should change to ‘Mrs.’ when men get to keep their ‘Mr.’. Seriously? I thought it’s supposed to be a beautiful thing and even a proud moment when you’re called the Mrs. of the man you claim to love and have vowed to spend your whole life with? Or do feminists not love anymore?

A gentle request…

Now the thing about scraping off gender roles, sounds like a supportable idea from start when you only relate it to home roles but look at the bigger picture. Feminists want to be allowed to have positions that were mainly only vacant for men but why is that being limited to the white-collar jobs? If really women can do better what men can do, then here’s my request:

Dear feminists, I want to see an equal number of females being masons, undertakers, carpenters, cobblers (shoe shine ankasa), okada riders or delivery ladies, welders, electricians, mechanics, truck drivers, bus drivers and conductors, upholsterers and doing all other jobs that are done more by men than women; because if you want equal role play, know that it doesn’t only apply to managerial positions. When this is done, then we can have the conversation about women being equal to men.

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Dear Feminists…

Do y’all even realize that calling for equality means men will also have to do the things that women do? Is it even fair that women are fighting for things for men without their consent? You’re not only asking to be allowed to do jobs that men do but you’re asking for men (b33ma kentinka pahnn o) to sit at the market selling tomatoes?

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Or breastfeed a baby? If you really think men and women are equal then dear feminist, I want to see you stand to urinate in some corner along the road like a man can. I want to see you give your husband ‘chop money’ so he goes to the market after work and back home to prepare jollof for you and the kids. I could go on and on but I’m sure my point is well made by now.

Dear feminists, please life is not all about you. #Respectfully! Please let the men keep spoiling us (no matter how rich and educated we are) and keep pampering us like the ‘babies’ we are because we love it and whether you like it or not, woman was created out of man to be his support system and not ‘another man’. Be a support and backbone to him and not another equal man structure.

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