Bring Back Our Hand Sanitizers


In the Ga community where I grew up and still live, it is very unusual to see a compound house freshly painted. The last time I checked, houses were painted a few days to a big funeral or just before Christmas; sadly, we remember hand sanitizers only during medical emergencies.

NB: Please be reminded I am not doing advertisement for any individual, or company (dead or alive).

hand sanitizer

When news broke about Ebola threat in the West African sub-region, I panicked waaa and I know you did too. Around that time, hand sanitizers were always in my face —at work, backpack, on my desk, at the mall, church, at home, etc. And boys used the thing with agr3. At a point, it felt like hand sanitizers were the cure for Ebola (shaking my head before you do that).

Sadly, when the Ebola threat disappeared (whatever that means), it went with the purchasing and usage of sanitizers; after all, whatever was coming to kill us had been eliminated and life must go back to the way it used to be. Hmmmmmmm.

This is where I get worried and attempt to blast some people for something they did, are doing or are likely to do in the future.

NB: At the end of the post, if you think I am overacting, and complicating a simple matter like sanitizing one’s hands, then I apologize in advance.


1. You are very insensitive

At Agya Payne’s funeral, I watched you pick your nose for only God knows how many hours. I was initially disgusted but realized you thought no one could see you from the sanctuary you were at.

After enjoying yourself under the tree, you went round shaking hands with people. That was when I pitied all those you shook hands with and lost the respect I had for you. Guy, how could you be this insensitive and soil people’s hands with your condensed milk? Nasty mehn! Dear reader, please pause from imagining… Thank you.

2. Courtesy for Boys and Girls

I wouldn’t have written this blog post if nose picking in ‘public’ was your only offence. I again regret to announce your insensitivity for the second time in one week. There was something I saw you do in the wash room. Well, we all visit the gents. I can understand if for one or two reasons (constipation, etc) you don’t.

Back to that nonsense thing you did in there. As I entered, I saw you leave in a rush without washing your hand. Bro, the tap was flowing, liquid soap was available, and tissue too was in abundance. “Maybe he got a call his house was on fire”, I thought to myself.

As I left the wash room, I saw you touching Angela, the freshest chic in the office. At that moment, I didn’t know whether to rebuke, insult or hit you. Everything inside me felt like knocking your big head. “You fool pass. Dirty boy”, I murmured in my head cos I couldn’t prove your soiled hands. I had to pass by quietly. Eye asem o.

Conclusion: Sanitizers

What’s the way forward? Simple answer; for starters, change your life quickly. And then go buy a hand sanitizer ooooooo tooom.

My mouth has fallen!

Going to cool off with some chilled sobolo.



A Ghanaian Sanitizers Story

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