Trotro Wahala: If Attitude Could Be Worn As Clothe


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. I couldn’t agree more with this Winston Churchill quote as I sat in the trotro. I was running an errand for my mum that hot afternoon.

Before I left home, my mum jokingly asked: “Eh Kobby, you are only going to town. Must you dress as though you were meeting the queen?”
“Oh! Mama, it’s always good to look your best. Who knows whom fate has arranged for me to meet today”, I retorted.

Back in the trotro, I sat by a very beautiful lady. She was well dressed and wore a nice perfume that attracted everyone nearby. I could tell she was heading for a grand occasion as she sparkled from head to toe.

She paid her fare and was waiting for her change, like the rest of us. Suddenly all I heard was “herh mate! Give me my change before I forget! That’s what you people do to steal passenger’s change. Thieves! Mtseew”. With eyes fixed in my direction, I kept my head down and pitied the young lady’s insolence. At that moment, the trotro was quiet. “What has she done? She has just called for herself a fight”, I thought to myself.

The trotro mate (bus conductor), dressed shabbily was surprisingly quiet. “My dear, I am sorry if you take me for a thief. Your denomination was the biggest in the car; I was actually waiting to take monies from the others to balance you. Apologies”, the conductor in the most beautiful tone replied.  The mate’s reaction was gentlemanly. The members in the trotro secretly admired the mate. As for the lady, I was shy to be seated next to her.

I realised we always love to look our best when we are going out or meeting important people. Often times, we spend hundreds of Cedis to achieve the good looks. But how much attention do we pay to our utterances?

We finally got to the last stop. “If only our attitudes and personality were as beautiful as our dressing, the world would be better place”. These words kept playing in my head.

Ghanaian Attitude Story By: Richard Ampong Agyarko


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