The Once In a Year Thing Called Christmas

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Christmas tops the four (4) festive evils I have noticed about my office boys. The other three include Valentine Day, New Year, or their girlfriend’s birthday is approaching. During these times, the guys smartly pick quarrels with their ladies only to patch up later on. The question is which strategy they will use this Christmas. Stay tuned for more apor.

While enduring the evening’s batch of traffic jam from Accra, I started thinking of creative ideas for the weekend. I thought of taking my girlfriend to the mall or spending time with my boys at the club house. Amidst the discomfort and political discussions in the trotro, an interesting billboard settled everything. I decide to take my girlfriend to the premiering of Shirley Frimpong Manso’s 6 Hours to Christmas; my hard to please friends back at the office admit  the movie is a must see.

“If I spend my November pay, how will I celebrate Christmas and New Year”, I though to myself. Though spending that much on a movie will spice my relationship, my pocket said “press delete”. Thanks to the ecomini, I can’t have what i want. You are not far from right if you suspect I will deceive my baby girl this Christmas. Let me explain.

Christmas Back Then

When I was a boy, I enjoyed the Christmas differently. Maame na Paapa bought a new dress, pair of shoes, socks, copper chain, and plastic spectacles. Oh, I nearly forgot about the cone-shaped paper hat supported with a rubber band. lol.

I vividly recall moments when I couldn’t sleep because Maame na Paapa bought me new clothes. Usually, I’ll await the break of day to jump into the New Willie (slang for release). This may sound childish and is indeed childish but I know you can relate paaaa.

I miss Christmas where Maame served jolof rice and shared a bottle of Coke among my three siblings. Maame was neither poor nor stingy to buy three bottles of Coke for us; “You guys ought to always share the little or plenty we have at our disposal”. When I grew up, I understood that lesson better.

I feared the flash light from Foto’s monochrome camera. And I also feared masqueraders who came to town. That fear never compared to the happiness that shone on my face when relatives came by. Church members and neighbours gladly gave me my “Bronya adze”.


Christmas Now

One thing I know for sure is that Christmas nowadays is boring and very ordinary. All I do now is eat rice, consume loads of soft drinks, attend parties on a daily bases. Way back, it was always a once in a year thing.

Let me pause here.


Tell me what you miss about CHRISTMAS.


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