Why I Quit Banking: The Million Experience of Kozie Manu

Kozie Manu

33 year-old Kozie Manu, a Ghanaian woman earning over GHS 50,000 monthly from a ‘side gig’, is Max International’s latest Diamond Associate. As an embodiment of determination and pure burning desire, it comes as no surprise Kozie quit her enviably banking job.

The story of Ghana’s Cellgevity celebrity, Cellgevity Kardashian serves as a beacon of hope for those who have given their dreams their all but are not seeing corresponding growth.


Her current diamond rank comes with the following benefits:

    • A free MacBook
    • An all-expense paid trip to the Swahili resort in Kenya
    • A free diamond ring
    • An all-expense paid trip to Peru
    • 5-figure income in USD monthly


The Max Encounter of Kozie Manu

37 months ago, Dr. Kofi Nyarko-Pong was at GCB Bank to do a product presentation on the breakthrough health supplements from Max International.

Kozie Manu, at the time, was looking for options, as her dreams were seemingly big. She already had a boutique and other entrepreneurial projects going. Without a presentation or visit to Max office, the mother of two said “Kofi, if it’s business, then count me in”. She took up the challenge, adding another stream of income.

Hearing testimonies on how the products were impacting lives, Akosua (Kozie) Manu started immediately. She took to the Max business, like a duck to water. She became a big believer in Cellgevity and its ability to touch and transform lives.

Her belief grew and with great organizational skills, she started her own presentations regularly. She was telling every and anyone she knew about this amazing opportunity.

She got her first business partner, then her 2nd. It was obvious the floodgates were soon to burst open.


Proven results

  • In exactly a month of doing business, she became a Silver Ranked Associate with 10 signups. That was an amazing feat by all standards.
  • In less than 4 months, she rose to become a Gold Ranked Associate.
  • The Max business made Kozie earn four times her monthly salary as a banker.
  • She quit her job at the bank not because she had reached the pinnacle; she quit because she felt she had just gotten started.
  • Mrs. Manu was recognized and celebrated in Max Ghana and worldwide for successfully creating several bronzes.
  • The Ghana office at a point lost count of the many bronzes she produced.
  • At the Max Global Convention in the Philippines, Kozie Manu was adjudged Best Bronze Builder globally.
  • Currently, she is the leader of the Max ladies, training and pushing them to develop full potential in the business.
  • Kozie created leaders in Kumasi, Ho, Bolga, Takoradi, Accra and other parts of the country.
  • She moved to Platinum in a few months as more bronzes were created in her team.

Kozie Manu



People started taking note of her personality and what she brought to bear on the business. But this was just the rosy part. After moving to platinum, she was hit with a team attrition setback.

She started building a new team, which disappeared as prices of products increased. But guess what, she stayed the course and kept her eye on the price.

So, she started the painful process of rebuilding a brand new team and a solid base; slowly, she re-created a new breed of leaders and bronze.
She said: “even if it takes me years, I will make it happen and I am going all the way”.

Kozie Manu



Ladies and gentlemen, supreme team leaders, Max associates and cheerleaders, auto shipping and non-auto shipping partners, those who stayed and those who gave up and left, Kozie Manu is our champion.

After rebuilding several times, she was ready for the next level in the business. Overcoming all her setbacks and proving naysayers wrong was a perfect time to move on to greater heights.

After setting the bar so high and decreeing and declaring, Akosua finally has the crown she very well deserves. Today she is a DIAMOND Celebrity at Max International.

Before joining Max, she shared stories of how she wanted to travel the world. It was surprising how she already had plans on how Max will give her financial freedom; options in life to give her kids the best future and to have quality family time.

Impossible is just a big word; it means I’mPossible…

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