Happy Birthday Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun

Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun

Happy Birthday Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun

Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun

A dynamic Prophet

An eminent

An unusual

A superb

A transgenerational impact maker

A philanthropist

A humble and anointed

On this day such a gifted man was given to us.

Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun

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Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun


The Oracle

The prophet general

The prophetic entrepreneur

An author

A speaker

An extreme giver

Prophet Bernard ElBernard

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Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun

About Prophet Bernard ElBernard

Prophet Bernard ElBernard is a dynamic Prophet, mentor, author, speaker, prophetic entrepreneur, and consultant. By dint of hard work, commitment and dedication to a vision, he is the Founder and General Overseer of SpiritLife Revival Ministries in Accra. He’s also CEO of Bernard Nelson Ministries. He provides challenge and inspiration for individuals and organizations to reach beyond their confines.

He was Born on May 31 at Takoradi with his twin brother Benedict into a Methodist Church. His parents are Mr Philip Mensah Eshun and Mrs Agnes Essuman who worship with him in the church he pastors now (SRM). As part of becoming a unique brand, he changed his name to become Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun.

Prophet Bernard ElBernard completed university in 2006. While on campus (specifically Akuafo Hall room MK31), he heard the voice of God say to him to go into full-time ministry.  In 2006, His Mother gave him a bag (which he keeps till date) to pack his items and 10 Ghana Cedis for his transport and upkeep. After buying his ticket, he was left with 4.60 pesewas when he got to the city of Accra, he lodged at a hotel called Glory Land located at Odorkor. The first person he got in touch with was Mrs Mimi ElBernard Nelson Eshun, who was a friend at that time, now his wife.

On the 24th of February 2008, Prophet Bernard ElBernard started Spiritlife Revival Ministries; a name which was extracted from the verse John 6:63; the Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life. Over the years, Prophet Bernard ElBernard also indoctrinated and inspired many of his members to become apostles, preachers, prophets and workers to help build the denomination into an internationally reputable ministry.

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Ministry Stories Continues

With respect to the BERNARD ELBERNARD Ministries and SpiritLife Revival Ministries; he’s gained much audience with the annual programs he organises; Prophetic School of Mentorship, Madness of Faith convention, Prophetic Shift Apostolic Transfer, ladies only prophetic service, men’s only prophetic service, prophetic mysteries signs and tokens, prophetic take over and the likes.

God has truly given to us a great Prophet.

Happy birthday Prophet Bernard ElBernar.


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