God Has Stopped Answering Prayers

God prayers

I don’t know God, and haven’t seen him before. I have said tons of prayers to God yet no show. His actions really hurt me.

I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and it talks about how God listened to a prayer and answered judiciously. Even when they weren’t doing 40 days dry fast, they were getting results.

Every corner is filled with a church. In fact, the number of churches, Christians and pastors are increasing at a significant rate. This presupposes that, we’ve become much closer and loving towards God.

On the contrary, I see a different situation from where I sit writing this post.

I have stayed too young on the place called earth. But this is the time I have seen the worst diseases, crime rates, poverty, epidemics, etc.

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Why the Setbacks

Bible says those who sow in tears will reap in joy. But it’s really ironic that we are sowing in tears and reaping more tears. Aren’t we supposed to reap a bumper harvest?

The church nowadays holds programs from dusk to dawn, throughout the week. They also hold all-night, half night, quarter night, every Friday.

Dear God, it’ll amaze you that people still attend church programs on a very busy Monday when they are supposed to be at work.

In the ancient days, women hardly prayed for husbands yet they got husbands anyway. Our 21st century women fast, pray and spend days just to even get a man to propose to them. If they manage to lay hands on one too, it’ll be someone they can’t put up; for fear of being branded as disobedient or selective, many women settle for mediocre lads, enduring marriage instead of enjoying it.

Dear God, you told us to procreate and fill the earth but our women are now crying so hard for children. God haven’t you been hearing this sort of prayers? And God, why do you make the married ones usually struggle for babies and freely give it to the unprepared? See Ameley, she tried it once with Jack and now she’s 4 months pregnant and out of school. Now, Mr and Mrs Abdul have been praying for a single child since since.

There are a lot of things I would like you to look at. At this junction, I want you to know that lots of people (including myself) have lost confidence in you. I don’t have enough conviction to become an atheist but I have no conviction to go to church either. I don’t see the point praying fervently without ceasing when in the end you will ignore me.



I’ll just be patient while you resume from the recession.

But before that, let me be a God and tell my fellows a few things.

Fellows: The days of manna are over…

The days where laziness was substituted with prayers are over..

Be a God and change a few things. You can’t pray and go back and sit on the fence doing nothing.

You can’t sack every man in your life with so called higher standards and pray to God for a husband. Please find time and some clay to go create that man you’ve literally created as your own husband in your heart.

You can’t pray for a job with a negative attitude. No! It doesn’t work like that.

Don’t mismanage your money, and hope for prosperity. Don’t call for foul play because you pay tithe and therefore, you should be blessed by all means even if you’re not doing anything towards it. That’s absurd.

The list goes on.

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God hasn’t stopped listening to prayers. He still answers prayers but to people who are determined and working with their heart, hand, head to stand firm in all spheres of life.

Let me pause here and advise myself based on this conclusion.

What am I even saying? Maybe I need to rewrite the whole show all over again. I vanish.


Story By Kwame Boakye Yiadom

God and prayers

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