72 Female Drivers Enjoy Simulator Driver Training

72 female drivers, drawn from all ten regions in Ghana have benefitted from Ghana’s first simulator driver training put together by Government Technical Training Centre, SCANIA and SafeDrive to institutionalise professional driving among women.

simulator driver training

The first batch of the female drivers were given simulator training to enable them get the judgment, anticipation, reaction and aptitude required for professional driving in Ghana. The project is jointly organised by SafeDrive, GTTC, and SCANIA. SafeDrive offers simulator training, while GTTC and SCANIA offers the theory classes and provides the practical (on-road) training respectively.


Let’s look at this scenario

Aba Mills was driving top speed on the N1 in Accra when a girl selling plantain chips appeared from nowhere on her lane. She chose to veer off the road to miss hitting the girl and surrounding cars.

The situation could have played out in many different ways that hot afternoon for Aba. Aba, the girl and other road users could have faced a severe accident or even death.

That is where simulator driving training comes handy. The simulator is programmed to churn out diverse scenarios, making operators ready for every possible situation.

Explaining the rationale behind choosing women, Mr Ignatius Otchere-Asamoah, Managing Director said studies show that women are meticulous in driving. “Women avoid road accidents because of their precision. Based on that, we think more women should be empowered to venture into commercial driving.”

On the performance of the female drivers, Henry Oppon-Kusi, an instructor at SafeDrive said: “It wasn’t a bad training session. Most of the women were quick learners and others needed more time. But with time, they are becoming very good”.

A rep for the ladies, Amira A. Nana Agyemang said the simulator driving training has helped her master driving and overcome her fear of the road. “Simulator driving is the best way to introduce drivers to the road, especially those who don’t know anything about driving.”


Background of SafeDrive Innovations?

SafeDrive Innovations, Ltd has been recruiting drivers for corporate Institutions like Dangote Ghana Ltd, Metro Mass Transit Ltd., Olam Ghana, etc. as well as offering simulator training since 2013.

SafeDrive also provides novice-driver training and refresher course for license upgrading candidates.

simulator driver training


Why Simulator Driver Training?

Simulator training mimic a real car down to the gas and brake pedals, signals, windshield wipers, and ignition key.

Simulator driving provides hands-on, experiential training for drivers. The technology exposes drivers to various challenging and hazard-laden scenarios in a controlled environment. Therefore, experience is guaranteed without risks to people or equipment. The simulator records drivers’ reactions, response times, and provide post-driving reviews.

Simulator driving provides the following services:

  • Higher transfer of learning.
  • Increased retention.
  • Standardized driving curriculum to ensure consistent, quality training.
  • An improve defensive driving skills and honing of decision making skills.
  • Customizable scenarios designed to address leaners’ industry learning objectives.
  • Practicing driving responses to dangerous situations.


Simulator Driver Training Facts To Remember

Pilots are required to practice simulator training every 9-12 months to prepare for rain, snow, ice, fog, wind, and other types of inclement weather, along with emergencies like engine and hydraulic failures.

Simulators give pilots the opportunity to repeatedly practice and become expert at handling situations that rarely occur on actual flights, so when they are suddenly confronted with an inflight emergency, it will not be the first time they have seen such a challenge.

If the number of people lost from car crashes were lost from flying, airlines will crash nearly every day with no survivors.

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