Ghana Memories: Forking (4king) Life


A well-spaced soft steps break the blank screen. The forking (4king) life spreads afterwards.

On this lazy drizzling night, a lady in her late 20’s walks towards a house. A few steps in her beautiful shoes bring her to the front door.

Just before she caresses the main door by knocking the famous 3 knocks: “Kor- Koor- korr” the camera swoops into the house.

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5 minutes before…

Somewhere in a room, there seems to be a party ongoing. The camera zooms in to a boy standing with a girl in some corner of the room; they exchange eye contact and then it was just the two dissolving in dense flirting. Proper mouth cho (kissing)

A few inches from the love birds, a masculine-built gym instructor stands, wearing a frown. He pushes the gentleman (sorry, boy) standing with the girl, back and points a gun at him. Pulls trigger…

A splash of red liquid splashes and drips on the screen.

(I sense both cast and audience giving a scream)

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Odame, is awakened by a series of knocks on the door…

He pushes wheelchair out of the walkway, meandering through things scattered on the ground. He finally toddles out to the front door.

The frozen face of Odame stills the scene as he opens the door. He dedicates a few seconds of motionlessness to whom he sees outside. Odame muscles consciousness after the lady interrupts politely:

“Can I cum in?” she asks in a thick Yoruba accent.

“Oh, sorry please step inside”.

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(In the room)

She rolls her dark beady eyes and puts him deeper under her charm as she catwalks in.

Extends a greeting hand with his right hand “I’m Odame, the caretaker; and you are?”.

She drops her right hand in his, refreshing the atmosphere. “Call me, Yebby”.

For some strange reason (looking into her eyes), he knew something was wrong.

Yes !!!, another daydream in the backseat of trotro (public bus transport) from Circle to Spanner junction.

Forking (4king) life… A very forking (4king) life… Forking (4king) life…

Note on Forking (4king) Life

“If you keep reading I will keep feeding your imagination” – 699W PR. Co.

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Forking (4king) Life Story By Kwabena Cashcrop

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