Why The Youth Of Ghana Should Speak Up

Why The Youth Of Ghana Should Speak Up

Current statistics on the population of Ghana shows a youth majority. This hints that the future of our family, towns, and this nation rests with the youth. With a high literacy rate, an active and patriotic youth base, we assume Ghana should be successful by far. Unfortunately, our future leaders (being the youth) are not there yet; we are not there yet cos the youth are sitting in silence.

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Our President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has entreated all Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators. Following that flipping of the script by the first gentleman, we have seen some progress. Many individuals, pressure groups have risen to the occasion which has led to certain change. Thankfuly, towing levy, TV licence and other policies perceived to burden the citizenry have been abolished. But we can do more to get our leaders to sit up.


From where I sit, we must speak up about injustice:

  • Our politicians get medical treatment outside the country while we sit here accessing sub-standard health service at facilities they built for us. NHIS isn’t what it used to be; the state of the healthcare facilities, well-paid specialists are all missing in the equation. We the youth must speak up.

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  • We as a people have patronised made in Ghana education from primary, secondary right up to the tertiary level. Can we say same for the children of our dear politicians in this country? The children of politicians attend Ivy League schools outside the walls of Ghana. We the youth must speak up.


  • Graduate unemployment among trained doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals is getting out of hand. It’s a shame professionals have to lay down their tools or picket before they’re heard. There is no solution in sight and that is why we the youth must speak up.


  • We complain of lack of jobs in our country; yet offsprings of big men graduate from Ivy League schools to take up key positions in this country. Must we keep quiet about this? Tell me…. We the youth must speak up.


  • The carnage on our road is another matter no one is talking about. Actors, musicians, and ordinary Ghanaians keep dying on our roads. What are we waiting for before we act? Can’t we see there are no street lights on our roads? Don’t we know the potholes and the general bad state of our roads is killing us? Innocent citizens for some time keep perishing due to shoddy work, negligence of road contractors amongst others. Haven’t we learnt anything?

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  • We live in a nation where our leaders drive in bulletproof and 4×4 cars. It is impossible for them to feel the potholes or traffic we sit in. How are they going to feel the discomfort we feel? Eish, Mr and Mrs Tax payer wake up.


  • We the citizens hardly get water running through our taps; water is rationed as and when. Meanwhile our leaders are in a comfortable lead; they have boreholes, polytanks and other storage facilities to cushion them at their homes. The poor is left at the mercy of Kufour gallons. Must we still keep quiet? We’ll speak up.

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  • We live in the part of the world where the sun blazes 24/7. Why are we not on solar power yet? If it’s possible to fly cash from Ghana to pay The Black Stars abroad, all things are possible. We the youth must not keep quiet.


  • Unstable power supply is affecting our businesses and well-being negatively, yet we pay all taxes. Yet, our leaders have huge plants and generators in their homes and offices to power their gadgets. Don’t I love this country!


  • How can we feed our future generation with 0.70p as school feeding allowance? I don’t need to tell you the details of the quality of food these kids eat. Are we ok as a people? Where is our sympathy for our kids?

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  • What have we done with all the brilliant research ideas sitting on the shelves at our university and polytechnic libraries? What is the whole point doing it if we don’t intend using them? Such a shame…

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Conclusion on the culture of silence

We’ll keep suffering if we decide to be spectators and not citizens. If we decide to be quiet, we shall continue to educate our children in a fallen educational system; our children will be fed with 0.70p as school feeding; the rest will be left to the mercy of pothole and dumsor –filled roads.

We can make this nation a better place for generations unborn if we become citizens; if we can criticize constructively without fear or favour.

Don’t be part of the silent majority. Make sure Ghana works again by holding the leadership accountable. We the youth must speak up. After all, the politicians asked that we should vote for them to fix the ills in our system.

Thank you. Peace


Story By Joshua Mantey Tetteh (Owula Sorkorboi Behoko on Facebook)

 Why The Youth Of Ghana Should Speak Up


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