Was the lifting of the lockdown necessary?

First and foremost, what was the President’s reason(s) for imposing a lockdown? The president didn’t impose lockdown because of the confirmed cases; other than that, Eastern Region, Tamale and other areas would have been locked down as well.

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The President’s decision(s) has always been backed by accurate data and science. The lockdown was to enhance an aggressive contact tracing, testing and treatment of the suspected cases. So according to the President, the lockdown has achieved its aim because all suspected people have been contacted and are being tested.

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The laboratories have been working day and night to test this large number of samples. Hopefully in the next few days all the testing’s would be completed. Total samples tested so far now stands at 60,916 with 1.37 % testing positive. The results of this backlog of samples when released does not mean the number of new cases recorded on the day of the report.

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It is by reason of that fact that the President has lifted the ban. Not with standing, there would still be cases of affected people in the community.

It is by virtue of this the President has expanded and stepped up by expanding treatment and testing centers.

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The President has done his best as a leader; it is also your responsibility as citizens to do your bit to tackle this menace. Stay safe and go out if you really have to. All the best

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Post by: Kwame Boakye Yiadom Jnr

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