NOSE MASKS or going back on Partial Lockdown

NOSE MASKS or going back on Partial Lockdown

Here in Ghana, after the ban on lockdown was lifted, the President asked Ghanaians to wear nose masks when moving around. After the directive, I have noticed a lot of changes.

“No Mask! No Entry!” is the notice one would find at the entrance of most shops and offices. Also, you would have to wash your hands, get your temperature checked before you are allowed entry into these outfits. It does make sense, right. We have to take all these precautionary measures before we hit a catastrophe of a hike in reported positive cases.

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That said, my issue comes with public transportation and the risks involved in using them without having a nose mask on. Today, I had to go to town to run a few errands and buy some foodstuff from a market nearby; the corner store lady decided to go to Dubai with her prices.

On my way to the market, I noticed the mate did not have on a nose mask; he did not even have one at all. Well, maybe it’s because he was hurling and shouting for more customers along the route to the market. However, the driver who had nothing to do with all that did not have a mask on either.

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Are We Sure We Are Safe?

Sitting beside and behind him were two people who were also without nose masks. Now, I thought to myself: “if these two people are asymptomatic carriers of the infectious and contagious virus, this driver has a high chance of getting infected.” My question then was why the driver had refused to wear the mask. I had an answer to that an hour later on my return home.

This time the station master prevented this other driver who also had no mask from moving his vehicle. Things turned violent when the driver in question refused to put it on.

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The passengers around him, all of whom had adorned different shades and types of nose masks urged and convinced the driver to put it on since it would save him trouble with the station master and the virus as well. He adamantly agreed to put it on and eventually was able to drive out of the station.

Just two minutes later, he removed the mask, saying the weather was too hot and he could hardly breathe. This was the best excuse he could come up with.
And my question is: why do we have to do this to ourselves?

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Come To Think Of It

Now on the other hand, if we were on lockdown, this driver would not be here working; he wouldn’t need to wear the mask and we, his passengers, will all be free of the possibility of contracting the virus! Well, perhaps the issue still remains whether we truly would be free with a lockdown.

  • Should the President issue a brutal and rigorous fight against those without the nose masks?
  • Why should we even be compelled to do something that would save our own lives?
  • Why can’t we just take the needed precautions and observe them as religiously as we would with instructions from our religious leaders?

This pandemic is only here for a while and the precautions are the only way to save ourselves from contracting the virus which has claimed more lives than we can imagine. So for me, its either obligatory Nose Masks or Lockdown!

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Post by Kwadjo Kaffy Kwasie

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