Kalinic: Pride forfeits Prize At Russia 2018

Just take a few moments to ponder over this. Striker Kalinic may be living in a fool’s paradise after exhibiting a gross act of arrogance at the just ended World Cup Tournament. A brief background. Nikola Kalinic was the Croatian Striker who used to the substitute role in their game against super eagle’s of Nigeria because to him, he’s too big a player to start from the bench.
He was asked to enter the game in the 85th minute of the 2-0 victory against Nigeria but refused. Nikola Kalinic faked a back injury as the reason why he did not want to play. And also his previous absence from training the day before the game. But on the blind side of the whole team, he was using the injury as an excuse to hide his displeasure from being exempted from the starting team. He just wouldn’t shut up too, he told some teammates he actually faked his “injury”.
That wasn’t even why he was expelled from the team but his refusal to apologize to his coach cost him his dismissal. If Kalinic knew Croatia was going to excel, he wouldn’t have been this arrogant. Now the team is still holding on talks as to whether he deserves to take a medal or not. I wish he’s not given the medal. That’s the prize he has to pay.


I know most of us find some roles assigned to us beneath our standards and therefore, we refuse; maybe you got away with it last time but you may not always be lucky just as Kalinic has been this unlucky. It very understandable to have standards. But you may never know the prize you would forfeit if you should make pride take over the boat. I wish and pray that, no matter how menial a role is; we would always have the heart, commitment and humility to perform assiduously so; we don’t forfeit our rightful prize through pride. Sellah!
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