Herty Corgie named in 2019 CGMA Female Artist of the Year category

Herty Corgie named in 2019 CGMA Female Artist of the Year category

Herty Corgie has honed her craft and now industry people are taking notice. The gospel artiste has been nominated in the Female Artist of the Year USA category of the Contemporary Gospel Music Awards (CGMA) 2019.

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The philanthropist is vying for the trophy as is Annistar, Toya Love, Ruth Seal; Terricann Music, Jane Rita and Pastor Esinu.

On becoming aware of her nomination, Corgie submitted on her social media:

“What an Amazing God we serve! I have been nominated for CGMA – Ghana 2019.”

Contemporary Gospel Music Awards (CGMA) Ghana scheme is designed to foster the development of the Ghanaian contemporary gospel music industry.

Organisers of Contemporary Gospel Music Awards reckon the contemporary gospel needs necessary attention. This is to enhance its rapid growth and development in the country and in the diaspora.

Musicians who released songs, albums, videos were required to send in their nominations by email for consideration.

CGMA is a public choice award which allows the public 70% voting power to decide who wins what. The other 30% power lies in the bosom of the board.

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About Herty Corgie

The female artist of the year nominee executed the ‘Overflow Concert’ at the Grace 2 Grace Centre in the US on June 2. The Christian music event drew in gospel music notables including J.J Hairtson; Emmanuel Smith (The Voice-UK finalist), Esinu and Obenewa.

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In what some have described as the worship experience of the year, the concert was chiefly about expressing love for God and acknowledging his Supremacy.

Corgie had offered ‘Glory’, a tune edifying God a few weeks prior to the concert; right after the concert impressively offered two new singles ‘Yahweh’ and ‘Ololufe’ on June 14.

At the June 2 event, Herty’s new singles were recorded live and just a week ago released the live video of the ‘Ololufe’ song on her YouTube page.

Plans are in the works to release her songs and video on DVD. Folks can support Corgie’s ministry by purchasing her music here:

Gospel music enthusiasts, pastors and church workers are encouraged to vote for Herty Corgie to win the Female Artist of the Year USA.

It’s now only a matter of time before The female artist of the year nominee’s true musical depth is experienced by all. She thus needs all the material and financial support she can get to continue churning out soul-stirring contemporary gospel music that inspires and transforms lives.

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