You Blame Society, I Blame You and I

You Blame Society, I Blame You and I

I came across the featured image in my article while scrolling through my WhatsApp images today. It spoke so much to certain aspects of our society.  I will try to interpret what I see in the picture I’ve captioned “The sad truth of society”.

It suggests that money gives the rich undue advantage, hence making life tougher for the less privileged; the less privileged are forced to follow due processes yet get disappointed because they seem to possess less. Living in a Ghanaian community where this is a daily occurrence, I couldn’t agree more. The rich are almost always cutting corners to get things done while the poor struggle to move an inch.

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Injustice in Society

The rich and poor commit the same offence in this country yet the rich walks away free while the poor get penalized. A rich man meets a poor man in the bank, the rich man is served quickly and he walks away. The rich and poor man both seek a contract, the rich are given when perhaps he/she does not even qualify for it.

Unfortunately, all forces, including the less privileged persons’ mindset, hold them back because they hold on to the assertion that a certain wealthy man/woman somewhere will grab that opportunity they also seek easily and walk away.

Honestly, I was almost totally carried away but at a point, a part of me asked myself one question that triggered this write-up.

I asked myself, “if I were rich, would I join a queue with the less privileged when I know very well I can use my money to get it without struggles.

I ask you today the same question I asked myself. Would you join queues to do things accordingly when you can fasten the process with your money and walk over the people who do not have as much as you do?

I stress on this question more for people who believe this picture suggests a clear representation of reality they can relate to; most often, when we are not on the receiving end of life, we tend to be bitter and blame society for all its flaws; but what we always refuse to ask is “what would I do differently or what would I have done differently.”

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Reality check

If you don’t know what to do now and complain always, you may get rich and do worse; while your experiences as a poor person should have taught you to do things differently; because you know how it feels to be treated unfairly by another person.

How many of us will struggle in life to get wealthy and resist the temptation to ask others “do you know who I am”; “do you know what I have been through” or “, do you know what I have?” It takes real patience and a kind heart to stay away from these questions no matter how tempted we are.

Trust me, if you are not rich now but will ask these questions when you get rich tomorrow, society is not the problem; you are the thing wrong with society.

We must acknowledge that we cannot make it alone in life; somebody surely will help us and so when we find ourselves in a better position, we must also help someone in need. Certainly, we cannot help everyone but we must not let pride stop us from helping the people we can help.

I want you to promise that when you get to where you want to be, you’d someone get there; because it will not kill you but make you a better person. Certainly, when you and I do good, society is good, but if you and I do the otherwise, society then is bad; always keep this mind because that is the only way society can be healed.

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Conclusion about money, the rich and society we see today

To be honest with you, prior to seeing this picture, it would have been an easy question to answer; because I would have said it is highly probable I would cut corners too and get things done quickly; but currently, I have reconsidered; anytime you and I use our authority or money unduly, a less privileged person going through the right process suffers; and “society” is to blame.

The fact remains that money does not make anybody superior to the other. We were all created equal by the same God. As the saying goes ‘the poor dies so does the rich’. Money may add some earthly value to us, but it does not mean everybody else is trash; because even the rich one time had nothing. We must acknowledge that with time and daily effort, everybody can make it in life.

“A better person is a person who understands others better” is my personal quote I leave with you today.

Thanks for dedicating time to read this; hoping it makes the world a better place to be because it is all we have; at least for now.

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Society story By Daniel K. Selormey

You Blame Society, I Blame You and I

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